Location: 117 S Commercial, Brandon, WI
County: Fond du Lac County

Owners Alan and Janet Feucht purchased the Menke Processing Plant in Brandon, Wisconsin, on May 1, 1985. Al had been employed for sixteen years by Leroy Meats and Sausage, Inc. as a slaughter and boning person and had also worked in retail sales. What once was an auto dealership, implement dealership and small grocery store was converted to what had become Menke Processing. Brandon Meats and Sausages, Inc. Processing PlantThe business slaughtered and processed beef, hogs, lambs, as well as deer, all of which the new owners continued to do. After obtaining the employment of long time sausage maker Lloyd Weisnicht, Brandon Meats was on its way to what it is today.Three years later, another thousand pound electric smoke oven as well as a cooler for storage of the entire finished product was added. After a few more years, not enough counter space existed for all the added new products. After a great deal of planning, the existing store was added to the original building. The new addition included a large retail area with a cutting room, and a waste holding area for both retail and slaughtering areas. Forty feet of the most modern showcase available, a cooler bunker, frozen food bunkers and showcases, as well as dairy, cheese, and soda coolers were installed.The larger retail area, deer processing and venison sausage manufacturing increased business by leaps and bounds, along with custom processing of beef, hogs, lambs and veal. A 1600 square foot freezer and a five bay storage area to house four refrigerated trailers and two grills used for summertime festivals, baseball tournaments, etc. were added.More than 200.000 pounds of venison sausage were made in 2007, plus other wild game was processed, including moose, elk, bear, wild boar, etc. Upon taking over the business in 1985, Brandon Meats employed five other employees with the owners. Today they employ over twenty-five people.

Phone: 920-346-2227
Category: Food & Drink Meat,
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