Location: 8300 Co Rd T, Larsen, WI
County: Winnebago County

Open since 1912, The Century Elm Supper Club has provided 100 Years of Fine Food in Downtown Larsen. Good food, friendly service. Everything a Wisconsin Supper Club should be.

Century Elm Supper Club is proudly owned and operated by Betsy and her family. She has a lot of history with this establishment as it was once owned by her great-grandparents, Art & Lou Lenz. Vincent and Glory DeCleene, Betsy’s grandparents, ran the bar. The whole family lived upstairs through the late 40’s and early 50’s. After Century Elm was purchased by Ken Loehrke in the 70’s, Betsy’s uncle Bill DeCleene bartended here for many years. Her family has gathered here almost weekly throughout her life. It seemed like part of her destiny that the Century Elm would once again be in her family. She wished she could share this with her grandparents and her uncle, but knows they guide her along the way. We hope you enjoy your visit and your food here. We want you to feel like family as well!


Category: Supper Club
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