Location: Hwy 114 & Brighton Beach Rd, Menasha, WI
County: Winnebago County

The 4,000 square foot Nature Center features a “Living Waters” exhibit with an indoor live wetland, and aquariums that are home to local fishes, crayfish, turtles, and snakes — surrounded by a display of mounted Wisconsin mammals and birds. Outdoor exhibits include a memorial butterfly garden and bird feeding area, as well as a pond, bog and stream complex. The Nature Center facilities feature a workshop/meeting room, a classroom amphitheater/Discovery Den, Solarium, and a resource library.

Three miles of trails, including nearly 4,000 feet of elevated boardwalks, provide access to the wetland habitat to all visitors to explore and enjoy bird watching, walking, photography, and snowshoeing in winter. Wagons and strollers are available for check out to increase visitor enjoyment of the hiking trails. Wheelchairs are available for visitors who may need assistance. Explorers Companions, backpacks equipped with exploration materials for the season, are available for checkout at no cost. Snowshoes are available in winter for a small fee.  Please call to check on availability of rental snowshoes before your visit.

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