Location: throughout Waupun, Waupun, WI
County: Fond du Lac County

hose who visit the majestic End of the Trail often find the figure captivating, almost mirage-like in its poignant splendor. This world-famous status is only one piece of the bronze legacy Clarence Shaler left to his beloved hometown. Born the son of Mackford Prairie farmers, Shaler was an inventive genius, always looking for better ways to do things. Perhaps that’s why he fostered such a love for sculpture, a kind of art that lends itself well to interpretation from a multitude of perspectives. Not only was Shaler instrumental in bringing two major works of American art to Waupun but also, he began sculpting his own heritage in bronze at age 70, further expressing a lifelong love of art. One by one, he donated pieces to the City of Waupun and other institutions with which he felt a personal connection. Today Waupun has one of the highest concentrations of public art per capita in the United States, thanks to one remarkable pioneer and the rich cultural inheritance he left behind.

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